My name is Theresa, and I’m so happy to be connecting with you here.

Whether you are seeking to bring meditation and mindfulness into everyday life, an athlete looking to bring more mindfulness into your training and performance, or a gymnast transitioning out of sport, I am honored to guide you in your journey.

I was a high-level gymnast at one point in my life, went on to become a physician assistant in the US Army, and am now a mother and wife. I have lived the extremes of high-level athleticism to rather extreme physical disability, and I have come to know the power of meditation and of living mindfully with compassion. I am here to help you find inner freedom in the midst of whatever life is bringing your way, whether that be high-level performance goals or simply trying to survive the day. I’m here as a guide and want to empower you to live from your deepest wisdom and most authentic expression.


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Why “Fit-Intuit”?

First and foremost, we all want to fit in and belong, and I want everyone reading this to know they do fit in here, regardless of color, size, shape, or title.

Secondly, I don’t want anyone to feel they have to fit any particular mold contrary to their own unique life. So often we feel like we’re not living true to who we are, and I want to help you feel like you “fit into” the life that you were given. Fitting into your life allows you to feel fulfillment and live your deepest truth.

The final meaning entails living intuitively—a way of living in the world from a place of inner wisdom and clarity. I want to help you discover your own innate wisdom which can guide you to the clarity and fulfillment possible in this lifetime.


Theresa is one of the most awesome women I know! She was one of the most gifted athletes I ever coached but her work ethic was unparalleled. As our relationship has moved from coach/athlete into true friendship I have seen her confront her health issues head on and leave no stone unturned to find answers. Theresa has always had a tender and nurturing heart. I’m not at all surprised to see her want to take the things she’s learned from her triumphs as well as her disappointments and help others. I can think of no one better to walk along side you on your journey. She will give you everything she’s got

— Lori Forster, Colorado Aerials Gymnastics
“Theresa was one of the most brilliant and talented gymnasts I have ever had the opportunity to coach. She had a unique blend of strength, power, beautiful dance and precise technique that made her gymnastics breathtaking to watch and a sight to behold. Those attributes made her an NCAA Champion and her bright, intuitive mind made her a 4.0 student. Theresa Kulikowski is unforgettable.”
— Megan Marsden, University of Utah Gymnastics (Head, Associate and Assistant Coach 1985-2019)
The services Theresa offers are spot on for what is needed in sport right now. As a world class athlete, Theresa had an amazing ability for introspection and analysis. Now as a working professional, and with this unique skill set she possesses, she has the ability to provide what no other entity is doing right now – addressing the needs of the whole athlete, and giving them tools through their entire athlete lifecycle to manage the many challenges athletes face not only while competing, but beyond their athletic career.
— Michelle Dusserre-Farrell, 1984 Olympian (Gymnastics), President, US Olympic and Paralympic Alumni, Colorado Chapter
Some things that have helped me (since working with Theresa) are noticing my body feelings, noticing when I’m NOT stressed and marinating in non-stress. Also, for one minute a day, becoming aware of my breath.
— Tori Adams, Former Level 10 gymnast

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