Becoming Mindful of the Body

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, and free of judgment. We live every moment from birth to death in our bodies, but how often are we actually aware of what is occurring in our bodies? How often are we actually living from a place of embodiment?

As part of the certification to become a meditation teacher, I created a brief talk on the topic of “Mindfulness of the Body”, and I wanted to share it with you here.

Here’s a brief overview of what I discuss:

  1. What might arise when you become mindful of the body? What sensations arise and what are the qualities of these sensations?

  2. Inquire into what your relationship is like with your body and share my personal story with how mindfulness of the body has been my saving grace in dealing with disordered eating, depression, and ongoing health challenges.

  3. Challenges to becoming mindful of the body and understanding why it’s important, even though it may not always be pleasant!

  4. Suffering = Pain x Resistance

  5. Practical ways to implement this practice into daily life

  6. A very brief guided body scan practice

I hope you enjoy the talk!

Here are a few sample guided body scans that you can practice on your own: